About us

The story started when two farm boys decided to make a change to their life. Mr. Huang & Mr. Pan are good friends from childhood. Mr. Huang started his first job as an apprentice on 2001. He dedicated himself to the salon furniture industry from the beginning of his career. After 10 years later, as a technician and product manager, Mr. Huang invited his good friend Mr. Pan to build their own “kingdom” of manufacturing business on 2010. They started from a small workroom about 400m2 , with their soul and mind deep into this industry, now the factory is 4000m2 and win some place in the market.

From design to manufacturing, we provide solution to our customers, we offer salon furniture including hair salon, beauty salon, pedicure salon & nail salon.

We provide best service for domestic and worldwide  customers. Our Europe company especially service for the Europe customers.

Our factory located in Guangdong Province, China, which is nearby Hong Kong.

We are sincerely invite you to work together and win together.

Our Mission

Provide highest quality products with competitive price.
Help our customers advantage in the market


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